I am not a foodie.  I have no desire nor passion to do the planning, shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning involved to making a delicious meal.   I just eat food for nourishment and emotional satisfaction. This usually involves bacon and chocolate.   Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a bad cook.  Typically, I just throw ingredients together as fast as I can, like Rachael Ray, and hope for the best.  When I am lucky enough to have somebody cook for me I try to compliment them on the meal.  I mean I want to make them feel appreciated, I like having someone save me from the mess that is my kitchen. Unfortunately,  this is usually followed by them naming off the ingredients that went into it.  It is about this  time that I grab their arm and say, in the politest tone of voice I can muster, “ I really don’t care”.

That being said, when my good friend Jenny Chan  invited me to a surprise event last week, I went for a show of support and because I was happy I wouldn’t have to slave away in the kitchen for one night.  You see, Jenny is a chef and the founder of a new catering company, MISEMISE isn’t just your average catering company, serving you food and blending into the back ground. Their concept is, you choose your favourite film, the venue and the guests and MISE tailors a food menu inspired by the film.  They organize the night and transform your living room from that boring space you watch too much Netflix in, into a vibrant restaurant space.



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After spending several successful years working in the Television and Film industry. Jenny Chan yearned to go to culinary school and finally enrolled at George Brown College, where she studied to create delicious gourmet dishes.  She combined her two loves, food and film and came up with the concept while studying for exams at George Brown.

“I guess I was trying to not think about exams.  To de-stress I was watching this shitty movie called ‘Simply Irresistible‘ –it’s the worst movie ever-but the food in it looks really awesome!  It was one of those movies where she didn’t know how to cook and then all of a sudden, like magic, she knew how to cook from her mother. I just thought it was a fun idea to just recreate the dishes from the movie.  Then I started really thinking about it and thought ‘what if I was to do that for different movies and for everyone?’.   So the idea just came from trying to de-stress from exams. That’s it.”


Alvin has been working in the TV and Film industry for several years, garnering a Gemini award in 2009 for Best Editing in a Information Series. With  Alvin’s vast knowledge of cinematic culture and history makes him a great collaborator and the perfect host for MISE events.


“In theatre, ‘mise-en-scene’ is a French term that means to “put in the scene.” For film, it refers to the details – from the actors to props – everything within the space that is being filmed. In the culinary world the French term ‘mise-en-place’ translates to “put in place,” referring to the physical organization of ingredients and tools in the kitchen. MISE is the blending of these two expressions. At MISE we simply want you to enjoy an inspired dinner. “




If you are lucky enough to be invited to a Surprise MISE event, like I was last week, than all you have to do is show up with your favourite libation to a venue they provide.  They choose the film and the menu.  You just sit back, socialize and be prepared for the unexpected.

I was the first one to arrive (I always am.  I’m also the first to leave, because I’m a Golden Girl) and took my place at the head of the table while waiting for the others to arrive.  Alvin catered to my every need.  He poured my wine, answered any questions I had about the night ahead but refused to give away the surprise film they’d chosen for the night.  I  guessed ‘The Shining’ while looking over the menu but since I’m not a food connoisseur or a huge movie buff, I was wrong.
















ANNND THE MOVIE IS….’FANTASTIC MR.FOX’! Not entirely sure how I thought it was ‘The Shinning’…

It was my first time watching this delightful animated movie,  ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’  by Wes Anderson, starring George Clooney and Meryl Streep, based on the Roald Dahl children’s book and I loved it!  If you haven’t seen it, It’s about a fox who steals food each night from three mean and wealthy farmers. The farmers are fed up with Mr. Fox’s theft and try to kill him, so they dig their way into the foxes’ home. The animals are able to outwit the farmers and live underground, while feasting on their abundance of fresh from the farm poultry. The menu Jenny paired with the movie was perfect!


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The First Course – Pommes Dauphine.  In the film, there is a character named Bunce. A duck farmer that likes to eat doughnuts with stuffed goose liver. I thought it would be fun to create something that resembles a doughnut but has a creamy centre. I topped it off with chicken liver pate, sour cream and chives. I wanted to use pate instead of foie gras because it’s a great way to utilize different parts of the chicken.

chicken veloute









The Second Course – Chicken Veloute.  This soup represented the farmer Boggies, who is a chicken farmer and has a solid diet of chicken 3 times a day. I wanted to keep the second course simple and focused on the chicken flavour, so I just worked on a concentrated flavourful soup.

cornish hen







The Third course – Cornish Hen with cider glazed butter nut squash and peppered apples.   This dish represented the farmer Bean, who has the best cider in the town. For the hero of the dish, I wanted to pick a game bird, and I love the subtitles of taste in cornish hen. I thought that the sweetness of butternut squash would go well paired beside the hen. Lastly, I wanted to incorporate apples without it being overly sweet, so peppered apples came to mind and was a bit unexpected.


apple cider gelatin







The Fourth Course –  Cider Jelly with blueberries, crusted with crushed pretzel and orange zest with an apple caramel. Garnished with whipped cream blueberry and a basil leaf. The cider is in reference to the Bean character again. I thought it would be fun to incorporate the blueberries in the film and have it floating in this string cider jelly – with a shot of Jamaican rum! The pretzel component was in reference to the character Kristofferson that would meditate and sit like a “pretzel”

After the last course, Jenny emerges from the kitchen and opens the table up to questions.  I ask her  how she is able to relate the menus to the movies?

“I watch the movies, take notes and then I try to figure out what meals go with each other, I test it out and if it works, it works and I go with it. I never copy the food I see in the movie, I try to use less common ingredients and add my personal flavour to the menu”

I also ask Jenny if she had a nightmare movie?

“Nightmare movie? I don’t really have one. I love the challenge!  Actually, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ would be a really shitty movie! Al Gore talking for 2 hours! I like documentaries but it’s literally Al Gore talking for 2 hours-where do you go with that?”


I ended up having an amazing time watching the movie while socializing around  delicious food, eating every morsel of Jenny’s mouth watering dishes! It made me rethink my relationship with cooking and my concept of food while nourishing my imagination.  I feel inspired  to take the plunge and try out new recipes for friends.  And if my kebob and kale are a fail,  I can just hire MISE to come over and cater a four course meal for my friends and I while we sit back and watch, ‘The Shining’.

If you want to know more about MISE and what they do, check out their website for more info and inquire within.  http://www.misetoronto.com/

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“All work and no play makes Yoko hire MISE!”