Hi everybody, I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the past year but I’m back! I needed some time to step away from the blog but I am now fresh and dedicated to keeping you all informed, entertained and updated! My first post of 2014 is….TESTIMONIAL TUESDAY!


Every Tuesday I will feature a post on someone who is inspiring people, sharing their talents and time by making this world a better place to live. A shout out to those who I think you should know and could probably use their services in some way or another.  My first Testimonial Tuesday is for the very funny, uber talented Marc Trinidad.  He’s been a successful stand up comedian for 17 years as well as a motivational speaker; legal advocate;  and a devoted family man.  He’s also someone who sat down with me and gave me some words of wisdom a couple of years ago when I needed it the most which has stayed with me to this day.


While I was funemployed for a few months in 2012, I was looking for work but felt like I was pissing in the wind. I knew I needed to change my outlook on life  and started doing some major soul searching and asking questions, lots of questions.  Questions that I would ask friends, strangers, acquaintance’s and anybody I could trap in a room long enough without running away from me.  Questions like: ‘What’s the meaning of life’ ‘How do you find your purpose’ ‘What makes you happy’Whose your guru?

Many people told me to fuck off, changed the subject to their phone plan or answered back with “There is NO meaning to Life, stop looking” but Marc Trinidad was not one of them.  Here are some of his words of wisdom, that might just help you out of your rut also.


1. We’ve all been through some sort of adversity in life- you always have the power to turn a negative into a positive. It really is a choice.

2. Everybody, everything, every book can be your mentor/guru. Watch Jim Rohn lectures on Youtube, you will change your philosophy of life once you’ve listened to him speak.

“You must take personal responsibility.  You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.”  Jim Rohn




  1. Learn-The more you learn the more you know and can become a beacon of light for others.  Remember, it’s never too late to learn.
  2. Action-Put into action what you learn.  Read a book-highlight it-walk away from it-then go back and read it again and you will see how it is applied in your life. BECOME WHAT YOU LEARN BY PUTTING IT INTO ACTION!
  3. Teach-Share what you’ve learned-You don’t have to get through to everybody. Just  a few who can then teach what you taught them and see the numbers grow that way

4. Spend 15 minutes every morning and every night reading a book.  You have to keep feuling yourself-educate yourself.  The more you keep pouring into the vessel, it will eventually spill out.

5. Keep writing every day.  Write pamphlets- 3-4 pages and you will eventually get a book out of it.

6.* When I told Marc I didn’t feel ‘funny’ enough to get back on stage to do stand up comedy but wanted to still share my stories-and was afraid that they would be too dark to perform-Marc’s words of wisdom were*:   Go do 3 minutes on stage somewhere and tell a story, it can be dark and eventually has a punch line-suck the audience in then let them laugh at the end.  That’s a compelling story.

7. You will eventually leave behind those who don’t serve your interests. That’s life.

8. Pay It Forward. Always Pay It Forward.


Since I’ve talked with Marc, I’ve finally managed to get a full time job-took a while and a small-or big attitude adjustment on my part but I am very grateful for gainful employment and the people I work with.  I have also been performing Storytelling shows throughout Toronto and even performed in San Francisco last year with Tracey Erin Smith and my Soulo Theatre family .   I have also  truly realized that EVERYBODY IS my Guru.  Every book, my mentor. LEARN, ACTION, TEACH.

WHERE TO FIND MARC AND FOLLOW HIM!  If you get the chance-GO see this funny man in action!

Where: MARC TRINIDAD AND FRIENDS -Beginning April 11th and running till June 27th -Every Friday at 9PM 

He will be hosting Marc Trinidad and Friends-with a line up of stellar comedians at DAVE & BUSTERS 120 Interchange Way, Vaughan.

To get tickets:  http://www.ticketgateway.com/  or Call 1-877 -477-4186

You can also FOLLOW MARC ON TWITTER : @MarcTrinidad  LIKE Marc’s Facebook Fanpage : Marc Trinidad FanPage  

Have Legal Issues -Solicit his help at Legal Shield : www.marctrinidad.com 

Marc Trinidad











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