Time For A Tune UP. How Reiki Master, Mary Willcott Fixed My Chi.

*Note: I’ve written, deleted, re -written this post over again a million times since my last Reiki session, trying to walk the fine line of how much to share with the interweb. I decided to share as much of my story as I could because when I needed answers, other peoples stories helped me find my way. Kind of.* 

Peace and Joy, I kept repeating in my head. Peace and fucking joy. 











Life is a series of challenges and if the way you deal with them on a daily basis isn’t working for you anymore it’s time to re-evaluate your coping methods.  Popping pills, endless psychotherapy, copious amounts of weed and praying to baby Jesus may just lead you to a primal scream in front of your neighbourhood coffee shop when Murdock, your favourite barista  forgets to make a smiley face in your vanilla latte.

So, I decided to research my options to find better ways to deal and found out about Reiki Therapy. I talked to a friend of mine about it and she told me she made regular visits to Reiki Master, Mary Willcott, who helped her get through a particularly stressful time in her life.  I was always sceptical of Reiki  since it rely’s solely on a practitioners energy to change your chi or flow of energy through light touch but fuck it, I was now embarking on this journey of alternative therapy and not looking back, so I booked an appointment with her.

Before I got there, I drank 3 espressos and smoked a few cigs hoping it would calm my nerves, which I don’t recommend you doing before a session.  Maybe a solid breakfast and a glass of water would have been the best way to go but that’s never been my thing.

The girl with the magic hands, Reiki Master, Mary Willcott.













When I showed up at Mary’s house, she was personable, sweet and calm (If she was too bubbly and bouncy I would have bolted). She gave me a cup of herbal tea and went over what was going to go down over the next hour. I told her why I was there and she shared her reasons for pursuing a career in Reiki therapy. I appreciated her story and asked her for an interview post session so I could share it with others.

The first thing she did was smudge the room and around my body in order to clear the energy flow (I want to do this EVERYWHERE I go). I then laid down on the massage bed and closed my eyes while mystical Indian music played in the background.   She told me to focus on an intent while she worked on me, so I thought about inner peace and joy and not how I was going to write about this. (I’m always writing the story in my head as it happens and it sometimes gets in the way of staying in the NOW).  She placed her hands on various points on my body called Chakras, which are energy centres or vortexes that connect our physical and energy bodies. I actually felt the heat from her hands hover over each vortex of my body and started to cry when she got to my Third Eye Chakra –the seat of intuitive perception.   My body started to convulse and shake uncontrollably which scared me at one point since I thought I was going to levitate.  I felt her tears fall on my arm while I cried and thought ‘Is my energy THAT fucked up that I could make a Reiki Master cry’?!!   ‘Peace and Joy’ I kept repeating in my head.  ‘Peace and fucking joy. ‘Where the fuck am I’???

I eventually started to feel calmer as the session went on, tuning out the “this is bullshit” voices in my head.  A flood of images came in and out of my mind- which were of me meditating in a forest, hovering over the ground surrounded by an army of deceased people from my life and some I didn’t recognize, watching over me.  Then Mary touched my arm and asked me to turn over onto my stomach while she lightly touched my feet.  My head was close to the stereo speakers and as soon as she touched my feet the music went all staticky and made us both jump.  She said that that never happens.  I  hoped whatever she was doing with her magic hands might actually be working and fell back into a calm, dream like state.  The session was finally over and I felt like I had just awoke from a five hour nap, surrounded by unicorns and cupcakes.


She asked me to write down the images I saw during the session while she did the same and then we exchanged our findings.  We saw the same images which freaked me out.  The girl is good.

Apparently, she felt nauseous when she started working on me  since my Chakras were blocked from all the anxiety, anger and doubt I had stored up in my body and she had to try and release my black dog.  She cried since she was feeling all of my pent up energy.  We talked about the army of people surrounding me in the forest and she said that she had called on my spirit guides to come forth and so they all did.  Nice to know I’ve got a small village of guides walking with me wherever I go but shit, I wish one of them would whisper the winning LOTTO 649 numbers in my ear or TELL ME WHAT MY PURPOSE IS ON THIS PLANET!  I digress.  She also said she saw a vision of my dad who showed up and was standing beside me (he died last year) watching the whole thing go down, shaking his head and saying, “This is stupid Yoko. I don’t understand it, but if it helps, I’m here with you”.  Yup, sounds like him.  She mentioned the moment the music had gone staticky, she had been visualizing white light running from my feet to my head and the energy might just have caused the white noise.

Mary said that the calm, peaceful state I was in would last up to 3 days and to drink a lot of water during that time and rest.  She said she’d call me a couple of day’s after to check up on me.  I was excited and hoped she opened my Third Eye Chakra since the thing had been closed since I was 8 and was ready for some intuitive insights over the next 3 days.  She gave me an affirmation to repeat three times every morning to ground me:

“I am a divine child of God and am grounded by peace and love. I only welcome positive people and energy into my life. I am happy and well and am aligned with my intentions“.

I went back for one more session and plan on going back for more as I feel less creatively blocked than I did prior to the sessions and my insomnia eventually went away. I can’t say I had any epiphanies but I can say it was the first time in a long while that I felt peace.  I’m also interested in learning Self-Reiki, which she teaches Cancer patients at Gilda’s Club in Toronto. It’s open to the public by the way so SIGN UP if you’re interested.



How long have you been practising Reiki?

I’ve been practising for 2 years but just recently finish my Reiki mastery about a year ago. Though my first exposure to Reiki was when I was 14 at a volunteer workshop.

What compelled you to start doing this?

I’ve struggled many years with my own anxiety and depression and always feeling different and wanted to find something that I could use as a tool to relax me and make me feel centered and as well as help others .I also noticed I was able to sense things as a child ( ie people’s energy and emotions) without them saying anything to me,  and after a  Reiki session with my friend who was a Reiki master, she recommended I look into practising myself. After that I was hooked.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” or (Chi). It flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

It’s said that Reiki is an exchange of energy.. What kind of emotions do you experience when practising Reiki on somebody?

It depends on the person and session, every session is different. Some people, while laying on the table experience a release of some sort, that could come in the form of giggling , crying twitching, sneezing coughing. Some people feel,  sadness, happiness or complete relaxation and fall asleep. It just depends on the person. I personally don’t feel much in way of emotion. Though,  I  sense what’s going on. I don’t take it on.  Sometimes I’ve been known to cry( but doesn’t  mean that I’m sad) . It’s just a reaction to the work that’s being done. It’s also important to note that I do not take on other peoples energy. You learn a technique in level two,  to protect yourself  and allow yourself to work on someone from a grounded place.

What kind of benefits does Reiki produce for people with physical and emotional ailments?

Reiki promotes deep relaxation through assisting the body to release stress and tension, improves the quality of sleep. Accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal therefore can reduce recovery time after  surgery, chemotherapy or illness.  Helps relieve pain, therefore treatments are particularly helpful for migraine, sinus and chronic back pain. Reiki is very useful for reducing the effects of many stress related illnesses. The healing energy can rejuvenate depleted energy levels and restore your sense of vitality.

It can boost your immune system and lower blood pressure. Assists the body in cleansing itself of toxins. Emotional benefits are that it eases depression and insomnia. Restores emotional balance. Eases addiction, and issues relating to self esteem . Reiki can help ease distress and grieving as well as provide emotional support during the loss of a loved one. Reiki can help you to release emotional blockages that may be holding you back or negatively affecting your current health and happiness.

Where can people find you?

People can contact me via phone 647 893 2936 or email at reikindledhealing@gmail.com  and  I will be teaching cancer patients how to give self Reiki at Gildas Club every Wednesday.  You can go online at Gildas Club and register.  *(This workshop is open to the public, btw)*

I want to learn how to do THIS!  Legendary John Chang, shows Chi Energy, fires, electric shock etc….this is some freaky shit!

If you have any experiences with Reiki or other alternative therapy that has helped you or pissed you off- and feel like sharing-comment below.

I know I’m not the only one out there on this magic carpet ride.

Love and Light,