Give Hope One Cupcake At A Time With Bake A Change

“Let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic and we can change the world” 

  Jack Layton



I use to think when I was a little girl that the only way I could make a difference in the world was to become a Superhero.  Don my cape and truth lasso like Wonder Woman and save good people from corrupt men and evil doers.

Then I grew up and finally came to my senses. I know I’d spend more time looking for my cape and invisible jet and get all tied up in my golden lasso then actually save innocent people from fat white men in suits.  Maybe all a girl can do is find her passion in life-do it and share that joy helping others.

Kendra Coons is Bake A Change

Kendra Coons and her Cupcakes











Meet Kendra Coons, she’s the owner and CBO (Chief Baking Operator) of Bake A Change and she’s giving  hope to people one cupcake at a time.

Bake A Change is a philanthropy based one stop shop for baked-to order gourmet goodies located in Toronto. When you order delicious cupcakes from her for any special occasion- birthday parties; weddings; corporate events; bat mitzvahs, you can choose a cause that’s close to your heart and at least 50% of the proceeds will be donated to one of Bake A Change’s partnering charities and the other half goes directly back into buying the ingredients for the treats.

Nearly 3 years after it began, Kendra has successfully managed to combine her two passions “My love for baking cupcakes and helping others and created Bake A Change, a modern day bake sale for the Internet age”

This bubbly twenty something girl studied Biomedical Science at the University of Waterloo; went to Humber College for Fundraising and Volunteer Management; has traveled the world with International Student Volunteers helping others and is now working in Toronto full time as a professional fundraiser. She’s a one woman army, multi- tasking and baking late into the night right out of her own kitchen with an oven that can only accommodate 12 cupcakes at a time.

“I max out my oven baking 12 cupcakes at a time unless my neighbors are home..they’ve been nice enough to offer me the use of their oven when necessary so they’ve been very helpful that way. It’s a humble start but it’s been getting the job done for now.”

Kendra and I in her kitchen

Kendra and I at her headquarters-her kitchen










I met with Kendra at her home last week while she was filming a company profile for Bake A Change, shot by my friend, Jenny Chan, a producer and film maker for TangerineChan Productions.

Kendra Coones

Kendra being filmed for Bake A Change profile











When Jenny asked me to come and check out Kendra’s cupcakes and interview her for my blog, even though it was an early morning shoot, I was happy to show up, snack on my favorite treats and talk to a girl on a mission of hope. I was curious to find out what her future plans were for Bake A Change?

 “I dream of having a big pantry one day. And getting more people on board helping me do this… I’d also love to own a bakery in Stratford but that’s in the future. Right now I’m dedicating my time doing this because it’s important to me.”

She invited me to help her bake but I’m like Rachel Ray in the kitchen, making a mess and eating everything before it’s ready to serve. She didn’t seem to mind that I filled my belly with the FunFetti Cupcakes, Mocha Espresso and Pink Lemonade flavored treats that were cooling off on the counter.

Yoko Sanchez and Kendra Coones

Kendra is amused I keep snacking on her cupcakes










I don’t know how she manages to bake without eating all of them? “I sample them to make sure they’re good but it’s mostly my roommates and neighbors that let me know what they like or don’t.”

I asked her where she gets recipe ideas for her cupcakes? “I am obsessed with Pinterest! I experiment with a lot of ideas from there. Like the heart shapes I’m putting inside the cupcakes now come from there. I hope they work out.”  They did.

Hope Cupcakes

Delicious Hope Cupcakes with pink hearts inside










They were all adorable and just as delicious as any cupcake you’d buy from gourmet bakeries in the city.  At least these are made to order and go to your favorite charitable organization. What’s not to love about that?!

I think we can all agree that we live in a pretty fucked up world-shooting rampages, poverty, corrupt politicians, zombie attacks, The Kardashians-we can either complain about it in status updates or we can share what inspires us with others and do something that brings hope to one person’s life.  Kendra is proof that you don’t need to be a Superhero to make a difference in this world. The girl doesn’t even own an apron.

Kendra Coons is Bake A Change










So next time you need cupcakes for a special occasion, order them from Bake A Change.  You’ll feel less guilty about eating decadent treats if you know the money is going to a good cause.

Kendra Coones cupcakes

Give Hope One Cupcake At A Time










Check out the causes and charities Bake A Change supports below and if you don’t see your favourite organization just send Kendra an email and she will be on the case!

To book a consultation contact Kendra at  647.210.1593

Email :



Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada

Little Footprints, Big Steps

Canadian Crossroads InternationalHealth and Wellness

Casey House

Amnesty International 

Toronto Animal Welfare

All Breed Canine Rescue

Animal Aid Foundation

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Children and Youth

Give A Miracle A Chance

VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children

Environment Ontario Nature

Environmental Defence Canada

Love and Light to all of you and …video interview coming soon!

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