Suitman and Suitlady Occupy New York

When Toronto graffiti artist, Joel Richardson asked me to join him as part of his SUITMAN crew on a 3 day road trip to NYC, I was up for the adventure-even though he’s a vegan. They can be sooooo high maintenance.

Joel is the artist behind the controversial SUITMAN wall mural at Dupont and Lansdowne-the mural the city commissioned- then erased once Rob Ford became Mayor last year and declared a war against graffiti. Joel got permission from the city to replace the mural last fall and added a woman to the equation-me.

Accompanying us on the trip was videographer Jake Chirico, whose been documenting Joel, amongst others, for a webseries about Mayor Rob Fords fight against graffiti artist’s called, ‘Graffiti Talks-Between The Lines’ produced by Kelli Keiley and James Gen Meers in association with

Joel’s Grassroots Financial Revolution -SUITMAN stencil equations have made their way from Toronto to Wall Street- where he showed his drawings for an exhibit at the Chelsea Museum in the spring, which was picked up by the New York Times and Washington Post garnering him notoriety for his work.

On this trip we headed to Wall Street, Times Square and then to Catskill NY where the Occupy movement is openly embraced by the community and where Joel was to give a stencil and graffiti tutorial at an art workshop- since his art aligns their buildings.

In between car naps and political debates over Justin Trudeau, (my baby daddy) I took pics to document the 60 hour whirlwind trip.

Click on the pics for a closer look.


Our first night in New York. Joel gets miked up by Jake and eventually hands me the car keys in case he gets arrested.
Lucky for the crew-the cops were tired and the suits were sleeping.

Hanging out on Wall Street brought out the bad ass business woman in me.

Suitman and Suitlady in Times Square at midnight. The insane traffic, crazy crowd and neon lights were sensory overload.

Catskill New York. Joel’s SUITMAN on the wall still stands.
This small town is where many New Yorkers have their second homes, where artists come to create and the home of Rip Van Winkle. Loved this place!

Me taking direction from Joel for a new stencil drawing during the art workshop at the Brik Art Gallery in Catskill NY. He likes to wear suits and go bare feet while he works.
I just like kicking ass.

The beautiful garden belonged to a lovely Quaker couple who opened their home to Joel and his crew for the workshop. It’s right beside the Hudson River and yes, I napped in the hammock.
Love to Pat and John!

Joel working on his SUITMAN stencils on a beautiful day at the country home in Catskill NY.

At the end of the three day adventure, Joel decided to burn the stencils he’s been working with for the past year and has me throw in one -which was fun and slightly cathartic to be a part of for some reason.
And we’re……done. The SUITMAN crew wraps up and goes home with an American flag in tow, just in case the border guard doesn’t like Canadians.
Was a fun and inspiring adventure and thanks to all who welcomed us so warmly in America.
I’ll be back again soon-maybe with bacon and Justin Trudeau?!

Thanks to Joel Richardson who might just be a social capitalist on a mission-with a vegan heart of gold.