My Strange Addiction…To Eating Toilet Paper.

                        Who eats toilet paper???? Kesha does.

If you need a break from The Big Bang Theory (which seems to be on every channel these days) and want a night of titillating comedy, look no further than TLC’s docu series, My Strange Addictions which airs TONIGHT!! (Check your local listings). I’ve been excited to see this since they’ve been running the previews on a loop during Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  I made a mental note to set Wednesday night aside just to catch one particular story.

Meet Kesha, a 34 year old woman who is addicted to eating toilet paper. She love’s it so much that she carries it around with her in a zippy bag and eats it instead of popcorn while watching movies. She carries it in her purse and the glove compartment of her car. The two ply is her favorite, apparently. Now, I know models soak cotton balls in juice and eat them to feel full but Kesha eats toilet tissue for the taste and feel of it on her tongue-regardless of the bloating it causes. Strange.

Could you imagine how awkward that would be if you were hanging out with her at Starbucks and she just started eating toilet paper in the middle of the conversation?  What do you say?

Yah, no, that’s cool. Go ahead and enjoy your tissue. I’m sure it’s better than this chocolate chip muffin anyways. So, what’s new at work? Ummm, aren’t you afraid of dying from a clogged up colan?

I like the way the tissue feels on my tongue.

I like the taste of semen  but I don’t carry it around with me in a thermos. Not judging you or anything but cotton balls are non toxic and are waaaay better for you.

Kesha-TLC My Strange Addiction.  You’ll never look at toilet paper the same way.

Here’s a little taste of what models put in their mouth to stay thin-it’s not cock.

Via Fox News

This is what First World Problems looks like folks.

Choking the strange out of you,

Yoko Sanchez

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