All I want to do is Pop it.

When it comes to strange fetishe’s, anything goes these day’s.

Meet Christopher from Vermont. He likes balloon’s. A lot.
They are his erotic toy’s.











Balloon Boy is the guy sitting next to you right now. 

TLC-Strange Sex Fetishes: A Docu series about people who get off on strange shit.

“I remember coming home and blowing up the balloon and pleasuring myself.When I popped it is when I finally figured out that I was the most attracted to the balloon itself”
Balloon Boy

What’s my Fetish?
One of them is Cupcakes.  I have to eat them alone because of the sick noises I make while licking the icing, biting into the moist cake and never stopping at just one. The man who can get off watching me eat one instead of being repulsed, will be The One…or El Chico de la Semana.

What’s your Fetish?
How about you? Can you share your fetish with your lover or spouse? Do you save the real kinky stuff for the girl/boy/horse on the side?

Whatever it is-I bet you TLC will have a show about it. Tune into their new Docu series called,  Strange Addictions on December 29th.  You’ll see everything from a woman being obsessed with her blow dryer to another one who eats toilet paper to a man who is obsessed with his silicone doll.

It all make’s you kind of feel normal, doesn’t it?

Happy Holidays freaks!

Kisses and ballooooon blowing orgasms,
Yoko Sanchez