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How To Start Fresh Without Starting Over

Dear 2010-its been grand but bring me 2011 with a singing choir, a bucket of chicken and a bag of money. As for December- I’m going to ride you out like a cowgirl in heat all the way to the New Year!My tree is up and the pressure is on to buy gifts, mailout Christmas cards and prepare for New Years Celebrations! Where did the time go? It just seemed like yesterday I moved into my new place and dumped my How to celebrate it? What New Years Resolutions to make? How to start fresh without starting over?How to celebrate?New Years in the City
If your staying in the TDOT and you’re wondering where to celebrate may I suggest NOW magazine’s comprehensive New Years eve guide on all the hot spots tp go to.
Or check out local Comedy Clubs to save on the funds-but you’re guaranteed laughs cheap drinks and wings.

New Years Eve at home
If I’m celebrating the New Year at a house party with my man, woman or horse than I’m splurging on a cute dress and heels and getting drunk safely with people I love hangin’ with.

If your Alone
There’s always’s Dick Clarke but now there’s also Ryan Seacrest and …
Forget tuning into Anderson Cooper this year unless you wanna fall asleep fast cause there will be no Kathy Griffin-smacking the dicks out of his mouth this year, according to CNN this week.

My Southern Belle, Miss Emmie, lives in Toronto with her lady love and thiks we could all use manner’s in the New Year.
New Years Resolutions for me and all feisty girls:

1. Speak when spoken to
2. Be nice to everybody
3. Keep people that you don’t like at a friendly distance
4. Don’t talk about sex, politics or religion
5. Don’t cuss
6. Smile more.
7. Never, ever rock the boat
*I will break 1-7 by 12:20am Dec 31*

How to start fresh without starting over?
I consulted My Go-To Jew-My Writing Prof-Mr.Big Shot

“First of all fuck off-you want to start over. There’s no such thing as just getting up and starting over-and your putting too much pressure on yourself. You just keep doing what your doing and see where it takes you….look through a fresh set of eyes and stop being fucking be idealistic.”

Yeah, The Chosen One’s Know It All.