Too much work to do right now…but I just had to blog this.
Here is my quick and dirty- Thursday Girl Talk.
Wow. You look pretty today. Your not wearing your glasses.

I had to take them off. Your camel toe was distracting me.
GIRL 2 was super hot. Upon meeting her I stroked her long shiny brown ponytail and complimented her…then she opened her mouth.

I really like your hair color.

Thanks! I dyed my whole hair dark at home but wasn’t sure if I liked it so I went to the hairdresser and we decided to go lighter and then she stripped my hair and then put on another color and a rinse and then some highlights. I’m not sure if it’s caramel or honey or chestnut or mahogany? What would you call it? Yeah, i’m not sure what she did to it but it’s a good color right? Like caramel right? I like it. Thanks.”

He say’s to me, ‘I got a big black cock’. I say’s, ‘Good for you’. He say’s, ‘And it’s uncircumcised.’ And I say’s to him, ‘Ewww. Get that thing away from me!(She point’s to her tit’s and cooch) You want this?! You want THIS?!…You can’t have it!’ He was a nice guy though.

Yah, I know your going to look forward to these every Thursday.

Pulling ur hair and slipping you tongue,
Yoko Sanchez

Brazilian Girls-Pussy. Enjoy!