Secret Lesbian’s of the South.

This is Dinah Shore.

She came and sat beside me by the pool at the Hilton. A gorgeous blond MILF who smelled like candy and cigarettes.


Hi, I’m Monica, what’s your name sugar?

(Hot damn, she’s a southern belle with a smoking habit)

I’m Yoko and I’m from Toronto Canada.

Yoko from Toronto Can-a-da. Isn’t that nice. What do u do in Canada Yoko?

I write and perform comedy, work in televsion production..and cater weddings sometimes to pay the rent.

(She looks at me inquisitively then lights up a cigarette and leans in)

So, you’re a Go Go dancer?

Sure. Sure, I’m a Go Go dancer.

Oh hey honey, that’s cool with me. I use to be a Go Go dancer when I was 17. I made lot’s of money and I dated the hottest drug dealer in Los Velas. Hey, I like you. You should come to my Palm Springs home next time you’re here. A bunch of us girls do Dina Shore and then come back and part-ayy at my house. You’d love it!”

What kind of partying do you girls do? And what do you mean you do Dina Shore?

Well, Dina Shore weekend is a fun hang out for me and my friend’s. We golf during the day, go back to my home and we get drunk and play games and scream and laugh.
My one girlfriend did get naked and ended up duck taped to a chair once and she doesn’t remember how it happened. This one lesbian really went to town on her. It was fun-ny!

She stood up and butt out her marlboro light cigarette in the ashtray by the pool.

I gotta go Yoko, nice to meet you. I’ll be back tomorrow for the party here at the hotel. Will you be here?


(She gave me a hug and I told her she smelled good. My southern belle blushed.)

Goodbye Yoko.

She left the building.

I felt like KD Lang for the rest of the day. Half gay, half Elvis.

This is the Dinah Shore lesbian weekend.

I looked it up after she left. Apparently thousands of secret and not so secret lezbo’s make their way to Palm Springs and play and laugh all in the name of Dinah Shore.

I might have to check it out for myself next March…and I don’t even play golf.

Kissing your girlfriend,
Yoko Sanchez