Toronto threw another fabulous Gay Pride Parade and I was there to cover it all for you. If you’ve never been to Pride Toronto, let me tell you that your missing out on the largest celebration of GAY in Canada and the biggest in the world boasting a million visitors a year.
It’s come along way in the last 30 years.. its hard to believe that gay men and women in Toronto were afraid to come out and celebrate the big event for fear of being arrested in the 80’s.

If you want to know a little history about how Pride Toronto evolved read about“Operation Soap” – which went down in 1981 and was the catalyst for the event.

I’ve been to Pride as a spectator, marched in Pride with the HSSE but covering it for The Yoko Sanchez Show has been the apple to my GAY pie.

So here is how PRIDE TO looked if you missed it y’all!! Thanks for letting me interview you if you were one of the bunch in the crowd. I HAD A BLAST!!!!
Stay tuned for videos to come…..

All pics by Sabina Bunin.

All hot bi girls should wear this outfit.

Treansgender woman just stating the facts.

Mayoral candidate, George Smitherman-
He liked me.

You show up to the party topless, i’m going to
cop a feel-Loved this lezbo couple!

Not sure what i’m looking for…

My Xtina puss is Bionic.

Trevor Boris shows off his fab abs!

Blue bubble girl was disturbing but cool

MuchMusic’s Trevor Boris supports the LGBT community
at Pride.

Talking into my dildo lollipop and not the mic..

Handing out condoms to the crowd.

She’s from Africa and her girlfriend is from Brampton.
Lezbian sex unites the world.
Get into it.

Her husband wears this fancy unitard out to dinnner some
nights. She doesn’t mind.

A bunch of chums just out at Pride, showin’ off the pecks.

Camear Op, Elvis and me at Pride.

A gay/lezbo special moment with Trevor Boris.

Two gays from Amsterdam here for Pride. LoVe THem!!

Love the Asian boys.

I gave them condoms they’ll never use.

Holding up the parade interviewing pple from sponsor, TD Bank


Yoko Sanchez at Gay Pride 2010. BEST TIME EVER! SEE YA’LL NEXT YEAR FREAKS!
Camera Op-Elvis Deane.

See you next at Pride To and make sure you celebrate all the colours in your rainbow.

Yoko Sanchez