Enza Anderson trade’s ‘Supermodel’ status to effect change from City Hall.

Enza and Yoko at Woody’s. Photo credit-Sabina Bunin

Torontonians, Enza Anderson has a message for you, don’t call her Enza `Supermodel` she’s officially retired the alias that made her famous. In her place is a serious business woman with a great pair of gam`s ready to step into the bullshit politics of Hog Town and clean out the corruption- all for her people.

Photo Credit-Sabina Bunin

This statuesque transgender woman who was born and raised in Toronto, is officially launching her campaign today for city councillor of Rosedale-ward 27 a place she’s lived in for 20yrs.
She’s hoping her third election run and a campaign face lift will give her the win she’s been looking for since entering politics in 2000.

Hard to believe it was just 10 yrs ago that she ran as a mayoral candidate against Mel Lastman, coming in third with 13,000 votes. If you bring it up –she’s quick to remind you, “Nobody beats Mel.” Since then she’s been a fixture in the city by volunteering her time for such organizations as Aids Committee of Toronto, Fashion Cares, LGBT and Pride Toronto along with becoming a media personality and as of last week, she was a columnist for Metro called The Hot Ticket. She’s also your financial services manager at the BMO during the day.

Photo Credit-Sabina Bunin

I met her at Woody’s on a rainy afternoon in downtown Toronto, to find out what Enza Anderson sans Supermodel really stands for. I asked her the hard hitting questions like, Did she really feel the need to get rid of the persona in order to be taken seriously?, Is this all a publicity stunt? Does she really know what the people want? What is her platform? She answered the questions, straight from the hip, open and honest.

Photo Credit-Sabina Bunin

I also gave her a black condom and a big fat kiss on the lips ’cause I found her to be fearless, smart and sexy. It excites me that if she wins Rosedale, she’ll be the first ever transgendered councillor in the city`s history. But she doesn’t want you to feel pressured to vote for her for the bragging rights, she wants you to vote for her because she`s fearless enough to do the work the others cant and wont do. She says earnestly, “I will pick up the phone. I will take action. I will get your voice heard.”

Photo Credit-Sabina Bunin

“It’s time the people I’ve been there for over the years to come out and be there for me now. I am serious about wanting to represent the people in Rosedale. I want to effect change from the top.”

San Francisco had Harvey Milk . Toronto has Enza Anderson. Let’s make history happen.

And why the fuck not I say?!

If you’d like to contribute to her campaign go to her facebook page for details.

The next municipal election is on October 25 2010.

All pictures by Sabina Bunin photography. Go to my flikr page for more pics of the interview.

Here is the video: Enjoy!


Kisses and foot rubs,

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