Looking for love in a pond full of foul fish will be your biggest regret.

The quest for love is never ending for single women, it seems. Women willing to do anything to not be alone.
Online dating, casual encounters, office flings, somebody’s baby daddy they met at blockbuster, anybody to keep their day’s occupied.
After today’s recent events, however, I am here to warn you girls, that if cyberspace is where your lookin’ for love, you better keep it light and don’t get involved…some men are fucking crazy!!!!!
You see, I got an email today from my girlfriend …when I opened it up and started to read it I realized some guy she had been dating online hacked into her computer and sent everybody on her contact list a message of how she played him. How they had met online, been talking about meeting up, he sent her flowers and gifts and then just when he was going to come up to see her, she told him she met someone else and it was over.

So, he decided to ‘get into her email account to find out what was going on’ only to find she had been talking to other guys while dealing with him.

This was amo enough for the crazy bastard to decide he was going to ruin her reputation and let everybody know who she ‘really’ is.
He didn’t stop there, he also hacked into her facebook account and posted the note up …twice, tagging everyone on her list just to make sure they didn’t miss it.

He ended his rambling diatribe with, “I’m sorry to have to involve all of you in this mess but blame *Denise*.. She is a con artist and should be exposed….”

The first words out of my mouth were, “Let me at him!!”

Too bad he lives in Chicago, cause If any man deserved a beating from an angry mafia of women, it would be this asshole, hands down.

My girlfriend is a private person and whether she wronged this guy or not, will now have to do damage control and hope her friends, family and co-workers over look this drama that has been exposed for the world to see.

Her family had always been pressuring her to get married and maybe her need to please them made her desperate enough to look anywhere and everywhere to find the one, even in a pond full of foul fish.

For this guy to have known her well enough to guess her password and hack into her email is beyond ridiculous.


I am imploring you all to stop being so needy, stop oversharing your thoughts and dirty pictures with random men, stop thinking your in control of a situation when your NOT!

I’ve made some wrong choices in my life…some just as recently as last week but when somebody comes after you like this guy, you’ve got to be aware of the fact that those choices are going to bite you in the ass.

There are consequences to every action.
I hate to have an Oprah moment but you know I’m right.
Now, I’ve got to go for a swim to cleanse myself of other peoples drama.
Hopefully the girl I met lounging in the sauna topless yesterday will be back donning those perfect breasts for me to stare at while we chit chat.
Love to hear from you about your online dating experiences…were they good or bad? Still looking for ‘the one’ or did you find him/her?
Let me know…i’m just a little curious.
Have a great weekend freaks!!
Kisses and tugs,
Yoko Sanchez

*Denise-not her real name*